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This Instagram automation service based on advanced AI will help you get real & organic Instagram followers by increasing profile activity
Insta-like automation
Insta auto-follow/unfollow
Insta story viewer
Comments auto-liker
Get in 1 month
Bot for Instagram + free VPN
Increased security & safe mode
Organic followers
No bots, no fakes
Money-back guarantee
One-day refund, 24/7 support

Instagram bot really drives followers

It takes less than 7 minutes to sign up for our Instagram bot and set up your first promotion
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Real targeted Instagram followers
Instagrammers appreciate when other users value their content. Like posts automatically and expect people to like your posts back.
Increased engagement
By getting more views on your profile, more likes and comments, you will please the algorithm. Organic growth will promote your posts to the Explore section.
AI targeted actions
Precise filtering is a key to successful sales. Input hashtags, locations, and usernames into the smart robot – it only engages with potential followers.
Feed & follow back interactions
The robot is active so that your involvement in the community is genuine. By following and unfollowing on your behalf, it builds your reputation.
Followers stories viewing
Users are enthusiastic to check on every stranger who watches their stories. Can you imagine how many profile views you will get through monitoring their updates?
Get PRO Pack for $3
  • Posting
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Stories Viewer
  • Downloader
  • Hashtag Generator, Stories Viewer & Downloader
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Our Instagram follower bot is x23 cheaper than hiring an employee

In 2023, hiring an SMM specialist will cost you a minimum of $1,292 per month. At the same time, they cannot guarantee that they will bring a 100% relevant audience to your profile unlike the AI intelligence of the robot. Our Direct Module can reply to DM messages for you like a real account manager
Targeted Ads

This Instagram bot is x8.9 more affordable than setting up ads

The prices for paid advertising in the social network are growing every day and users tend to ignore it. The average cost per click is $0.70 - $1.00. You will need a hefty budget to get followers (for 1,000 subscribers you can pay as much as $1,000). With a bot, you can gain 1,000 followers in about 2-3 months
Organic Subscribers

The follower bot is x1.5 cheaper compared to buying followers

Buying followers will cost you $90 for 1,000 followers. Buying followers is dangerous and can lead to a ban. The algorithm will show your posts in the feed less often. At the same time, you can get bots among followers, not real clients
Promo Benefits
How much time would you spend doing this job manually?

Our follow bot can perform up to 1,390 actions per day

One bot action will cost you just $0.04 — no person will agree to work so cheaply. It will attract followers to your profile like a hard-working team member. At the same time, our smart algorithm always obeys Instagram limits. The AI system imitates real user behavior with natural pauses and starts gradually in the Safe Start mode — guaranteeing your profile safety!
+150 criteria for the right targeting
50 Hashtags — the bot will attract users based on posts with these tags
50 Usernames — automation can reach the followers of your competitors
50 Locations — specify the exact countries and cities for local promotion
Pro filters — you can choose gender, number of posts, and number of followers
Inflact promo targeting settings Inflact (mobile) promo targeting settings
Targeting Icons

How does the bot bring you followers?

Put Instagram likes to comments via this bot
The bot will show that you are attentive and carefully read the comments. This action will also help your name appear in notifications often
The bot will start with stories watching
This action is the easiest for the robot and the most effective for your boost. Thousands of people will be curious about who is watching their stories and they will visit your account
Auto Instagram follows & unfollows by bot
A rule for social selling is to follow users so that they follow you back. The bot will unfollow automatically from non-reciprocal followers if you specify it in the settings
It will put auto likes
Likes on the target audience’s posts will help you to appear in their notifications, some will even receive push notifications from Instagram. This will generate return visits and likes


Trusted by 15000 businesses

4.4 of 5
Based on 564 reviews
Sep 28, 2021
I gained my first clients
I run a little business, selling handmade goods (jewelry, scrapbooks, etc.). Inflact was my first choice when I set my sights on some complimentary tools. For 3 months, we managed to get good results (as me). However, I must admit that auto direct works even better than auto-promo. Plus, the hashtag generator came in useful.
Sep 28, 2021
I can see the difference
I truly see the potential of this service, while others lag behind Insta updates. Though the promo is quite slow, it still works. But I fell in love with Insta Direct — so convenient for my managers to keep in touch with all our customers. And thanks to Iolanta from the Support team, who resolved my payment issue almost immediately.
Sep 27, 2021
Got traffic to Instagram account
Recently, I’ve appreciated the benefits of the Hashtag Generator. I don’t know how I could live without it before. It’s a real helper in the field of trending and working hashtags. The service picks up lots of variants from which I choose the best for my posts. I can customize the required settings and search for hashtags under the central theme of the photo or using the marked words. Everything is clear and convenient!
Sep 22, 2021
Works not just for likes
When you are a business owner, your main goal is sales-driving content. Regarding that Instagram is hiding likes, I won't use the mass-liking feature. But I adore the in-built Direct module. This tool is a must-have when your direct is busy; you need to set up mass-messaging and reach your client. Certainly – it’s a like!
Sep 21, 2021
Fast and convenient Direct chat
Thanks a lot for the convenient Direct possibilities! Using Inflact, I can chat with my friends and clients directly from my PC and switch from personal to work accounts. It’s handy. Above all, my fav is Direct Chat. Its possibilities save my time and effort. Finally, I’ve found the best tool for stable work on Instagram!
Sep 18, 2021
I’m a nicer person when I use Inflact
I’ve used this smart and budget-friendly Instagram bot for 3 months. I’m an SMM-specialist running several accounts on Instagram. With the help of Inflact, I can add several accs and manage all of them from one place. This is an excellent feature for crazy marketers like me! Moreover, there is a full set of extra features such as Auto-messenger, Auto-planner, and the Hashtag finder, which can help to organize all business processes.
Sep 18, 2021
I need that Hashtag creator
It seems a no brainer to type random hashtags when creating a capture under your pics. But this strategy won't work if you are an influencer growing your fanbase. I've been using the Inflact Hashtag search for 3 months, and the post impressions have increased by 56%. Still, a lot of work to be done but I'm more than satisfied! Advice – read their blog to investigate real case tips.
Sep 15, 2021
My new Instagram Promotion Bestie
Instagram promotion crisis? Not with the Inflact Hashtag Generator! Multi-language search, 5 key-phrases, AI-based finder is an excellent combo for boosting the traffic to my account. In fact, it provides stable follower growth for my account on a day-to-day basis. Thank you, Inflact team. 🙌
Sep 08, 2021
The most responsive support & real results
This service is not the cheapest one but it’s effective. I'm a social media manager, and I run three business profiles on Instagram. Believe it or not, but I struggled with many bots, Hashtag finder, and other similar stuff. All of them break down regularly. But I only trust the Inflact support team. I will continue my subscription.
What are the requirements for an Instagram account to switch to Inflact?
Your account needs to meet the minimum requirements to start the Promo mode. Make sure that:

  • The oldest post was made more than 14 days ago.
  • Your account is public.
  • You have 12 publications.
Before promoting your account for a target audience with an automation tool, you should have engaging content so people have reasons to start following you.

How many accounts can I integrate with Inflact?
You can promote up to 10 accounts that will be managed from one dashboard. If you want to switch more than 10 accounts, contact our customer support at hello@Inflact.com. We will switch the needed number of accounts.
How can Inflact help me win clients?

Inflact offers a set of tools that help you research the market and drive the target audience to your page. Our smart AI system will engage with selected accounts that are likely to become your loyal clientele. Also, you can measure your growth with the statistics on your dashboard.

At the same time, we can't guarantee the specific amount of followers: your success depends on how engaging your content is. You can learn how to make your posts appealing in our blog and lab.

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How soon will I see the results?
We do not guarantee any results on the next day; promotion takes time and the result depends on the attractiveness of your posts. According to our tests, it’s possible to get 250 new relevant followers in the first month. But your result might be better.

Promotion will get faster after the Safe start, which is designed to ensure the safety of your account.

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Get Instagram followers fast with a bot - is it real in 2020?

I’m new to Instagram marketing. What should I begin with?

If you’ve launched a business or want to become an influencer, begin with the research of competitors in your niche with the User Search tool. You will immediately find content ideas that will work for your audience. Also, click on Analyze and see what hashtags they use and what time they publish content.

When you know the nicknames of your rivals, their hashtags, and their locations, then you are ready to set up your target growth via the Promo module.

Read more in our articles:

How to sell on Instagram in 2021 (a practical method without ads or being online 24/7)

How to use Instagram user search for influencer marketing, market analysis and talent research

Beginner's manual to launching the Promo Module

How to enable the target growth
  • Subscribe to the Promo mode
  • Authorize your Instagram account. Make sure you have 12 posts older than 14 days.
  • Adjust targeting. Paste usernames, hashtags, locations popular in your niche.

  • Adjust Advanced settings.

Note: We recommend you purchase the VPN service if you need better promotion results.

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What is the Safe start?
We invented the Safe start for all accounts starting the Promo mode to ensure extra safety. Thanks to the Safe start, our tool will just visit profiles you listed as a target and watch their stories – it will not perform many actions for 48 hours. During the next 7 days, our tool will increase the number of actions from your account gradually.

Thanks to the Safe start, the activity of your profile looks human-like.

Why do I need a VPN for promotion?
When you use the VPN by Inflact, you log in to your Instagram account with the same IP. This means that IG recognizes actions made by the software are performed by you.

The VPN will help you bypass switching to the Safe mode, so that you grow your audience more effectively.

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How to grow Instagram followers securely and faster (the role of a VPN for promotion explained)

What is the difference between your VPN and any other service?

We recommend that you use the Inflact VPN. In this case, the address when the software logs in and when you log in will be identical.

If you use a third-party VPN, we can’t guarantee it will work optimally for safe promotion.

How to add a new account
#1 – From the Promo dashboard:

  • Go to the IG dashboard.
  • Click "Edit accounts"

#2 – From your Inflact profile:

  • Click on the arrow next to your name on the right corner of the screen.

  • Choose the menu item Profile.
  • View all the module subscriptions. Select Promo.

  • Click on the “+” icon

  • Enter the login data for an IG account.
What are the best tools for finding clients on Instagram?
Inflact offers several tools you need to use to expand your customer database.

  • Apply User Search to research potential clients for your business. You can filter categories, age, and gender, and specify a city in the search field.
  • Apply Promo mode to attract converting clients. Use the usernames you’ve found for the Promo targeting. Also, you will need to use proper hashtags.
  • Apply Hashtag Generator. Simply enter hashtags of your competitors to find, copy and paste thousands of new hashtag ideas. Use them in your posts and for the Promo mode setup.
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All top Instagram influencers do it (an effective set of tools for monetization and following growth on Instagram)
What tools can I use for managing a business on IG?

If you handle orders, solve customers issues, and sell on Instagram, you might need the following tools:

  • Direct module with CMS features. It will help you set up welcome messages and custom auto-replies, and practice bulk private messaging to your customers.
  • Posting. This post planner will assist you in publishing content on schedule and consistently.
  • Hashtag Generator. It will help you optimize your IG account for search inquiries by interested users.
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What tools can I try for Instagram analysis?
On our website you’ll find several Instagram analytics tools:

  • User Search. Begin with researching the database of IG accounts in all niches. Top businesses, local companies, and influencers are listed there. Also, you can copy their contacts and save the data as a file.
  • Profile Analyzer. This service is free and will help you know more details about any public IG account. Namely, you can monitor the most engaging posts and times, along with top hashtags that will help you to fine-tune your strategy.
  • Promo statistics. You can monitor the success of your Instagram growth on the Promo dashboard. View how many new followers you get, and what usernames and hashtags are more lucrative for building your audience.
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What tools can uplift influencer marketing?
Inflact services can improve your influencer marketing:

  • User Search. Find top bloggers and micro and macro-influencers in any industry.
  • Direct module. Outreach to influencers, group them under labels, and set up auto-replies to find the best team for your promotion.
  • Downloaders. Use the Inflact downloaders for all content to collect the media that influencers post about your business.
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How many followers can I get and how soon?
We don’t promise your Instagram will explode with followers within hours. Inflact attracts target and real followers securely, so the results are not instant but long-lasting.

According to our latest trials, it’s possible to get 200 real followers in the first month even for new accounts.

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How can I change my subscription?

  • Go to your Inflact profile.
  • Choose the menu item My Subs.
  • Modify your subscriptions for various modules.
How to make a payment
After you order any module, the subscription will be renewed automatically every month. You can cancel your subscription anytime and the payment for the next month will not be charged.

You can order from the main page.

Otherwise, you can purchase additional modules from your Inflact profile, from the menu item My Subs.

How to cancel my subscription
  • Go to your Inflact profile.
  • Pick the menu item My Subs.
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit the subscriptions.

  • Scroll until you find the button Unsubscribe.

  • Confirm cancellation and check your inbox for the confirmation email.
How can I subscribe if my payment didn’t go through?
Please contact your bank to find out the reason why your payment didn’t go through.

You can also choose another payment method if it’s available for the desired service in your Ingramer account.

You can subscribe to our services this way:

Open your "Profile" -> "My Subs"

Choose the service you wish, the number of Instagram accounts you wish to add if applicable, and the subscription period.

Confirm your subscription by any of the available payment methods.

Please see the full description of the subscription process in the “How to make a payment” section.