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This Instagram automation service based on advanced AI will help you get real & organic Instagram followers by increasing profile activity

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Main Benefits of Using Insta Auto Bot
Insta-bot + free VPN
Increased security & safe mode
Organic traffic
No bots, no fakes
Money back guarantee
One-day refund, 24/7 support

Main Benefits of Using Insta Auto Bot

When your business scales up and reaches a certain level, finding enough time for proper account management can become challenging. Consider using an Instagrambot, a smart automated assistant that will perform routine Insta promotion tasks, maintain your account’s activities and get you thousands of new real followers

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Instagram follower bot is highly efficient

Hiring an SMM specialist will cost you more than $1,000 per month. However, there’s no guarantee that they will bring a 100% relevant audience to your profile. A robot for Instagram can do it. Our Direct Module can reply to DM messages for you like a real account manager.

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No need to buy followers with Instagram follow automation

Buying followers will cost you $90 for 1,000 followers and has side effects: for instance, the algorithm will show your posts in the feed less often or you’ll get bots among followers instead of live Instagram followers. Moreover, buying followers can lead to a ban.

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Instagram like / comment bot is cheaper than ads

The prices for paid advertising in the social network are growing every day and users tend to ignore it. The average cost per click is $0.70 - $1.00. You will need a hefty budget to get followers (for 1,000 subscribers you can pay as much as $1,000). With this Instagram autolike bot you can gain 1,000 followers in about 2-3 months

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Hard-working likes and follows auto bot

Our bot can perform up to 1,390 actions per day, and one action will cost you just $0.04 — no person will agree to work for such a low fee. It will attract followers to your profile like a hard-working team member. Our smart algorithm always obeys Instagram limits. The AI system imitates real user behavior with natural pauses and starts gradually in the Safe Start mode — guaranteeing your profile safety.
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Grow Real Instagram Followers

Our smart Insta robot will speed up interaction with followers and automate account management. While the process is still supervised by you, the bot will help you run your business and save time

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How to Use Instagram Real Followers Boost Tool?

Subscribe to one of the plans
Subscribe to one of the plans
Authorize your Instagram account
Authorize your Instagram account
Use niche-specific hashtags & locations
Use niche-specific hashtags & locations
Adjust advanced settings
Adjust advanced settings

* We recommend you purchase the VPN service if you need better promotion results

What is an Instagram Bot

What is an Instagram Bot ?

All the parameters for Ig auto likes, views, following and unfollowing are set manually. What is unmanned is just the implementation of the actions you’ve planned. The Instagram bot for account management is active 24/7, so followers will certainly appreciate your interaction
Insta Followers Manager Bot

Insta Followers Manager Bot

The Inflact bot can be used as an Instagram auto liker app. It will show that you are attentive and carefully read the comments. This action will also help your name appear in notifications more often
Mass Auto View for Ig Stories

Mass Auto View for Ig Stories

The bot views Instagram stories on your behalf, so users who posted them will know that it is you who watch their content. Story watching is the easiest action for the robot and the most effective for your boost. Thousands of people will be curious about who is watching their stories and will visit your account
Online Following Ig Bot

Online Following Ig Bot

Instagrammers love when other users value their content. Like posts automatically and get likes back — the ‘like for like’ Instagram principle is still there. From this perspective, having an Ig auto liker is very handy for growing your audience.


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Josh Snoddy
Sep 08, 2022
I've used a few of Inflact's tools over…
I've used a few of Inflact's tools over the years and found them all to be fantastic. I'm particularly keen on their Promo and Hashtag modules. Customer service has always been excellent. Can't fault anything, highly recommended!
Jun 29, 2022
I did the 3 dollar 7 day trial and I…
I did the 3 dollar 7 day trial and I was surprised with how much I liked this. 10/10 instagram marketing tools. Every other service I tried felt like a scam but this one is legit! I really enjoyed the promo & and hashtags features.
Sep 28, 2021
I gained my first clients
I run a little business, selling handmade goods (jewelry, scrapbooks, etc.). Inflact was my first choice when I set my sights on some complimentary tools. For 3 months, we managed to get good results (as me). However, I must admit that auto direct works even better than auto-promo. Plus, the hashtag generator came in useful.
Sep 28, 2021
I can see the difference
I truly see the potential of this service, while others lag behind Insta updates. Though the promo is quite slow, it still works. But I fell in love with Insta Direct — so convenient for my managers to keep in touch with all our customers. And thanks to Iolanta from the Support team, who resolved my payment issue almost immediately.
Sep 27, 2021
Got traffic to Instagram account
Recently, I’ve appreciated the benefits of the Hashtag Generator. I don’t know how I could live without it before. It’s a real helper in the field of trending and working hashtags. The service picks up lots of variants from which I choose the best for my posts. I can customize the required settings and search for hashtags under the central theme of the photo or using the marked words. Everything is clear and convenient!
Sep 22, 2021
Works not just for likes
When you are a business owner, your main goal is sales-driving content. Regarding that Instagram is hiding likes, I won't use the mass-liking feature. But I adore the in-built Direct module. This tool is a must-have when your direct is busy; you need to set up mass-messaging and reach your client. Certainly – it’s a like!
Sep 21, 2021
Fast and convenient Direct chat
Thanks a lot for the convenient Direct possibilities! Using Inflact, I can chat with my friends and clients directly from my PC and switch from personal to work accounts. It’s handy. Above all, my fav is Direct Chat. Its possibilities save my time and effort. Finally, I’ve found the best tool for stable work on Instagram!
Sep 18, 2021
I’m a nicer person when I use Inflact
I’ve used this smart and budget-friendly Instagram bot for 3 months. I’m an SMM-specialist running several accounts on Instagram. With the help of Inflact, I can add several accs and manage all of them from one place. This is an excellent feature for crazy marketers like me! Moreover, there is a full set of extra features such as Auto-messenger, Auto-planner, and the Hashtag finder, which can help to organize all business processes.
Sep 18, 2021
I need that Hashtag creator
It seems a no brainer to type random hashtags when creating a capture under your pics. But this strategy won't work if you are an influencer growing your fanbase. I've been using the Inflact Hashtag search for 3 months, and the post impressions have increased by 56%. Still, a lot of work to be done but I'm more than satisfied! Advice – read their blog to investigate real case tips.
Sep 15, 2021
My new Instagram Promotion Bestie
Instagram promotion crisis? Not with the Inflact Hashtag Generator! Multi-language search, 5 key-phrases, AI-based finder is an excellent combo for boosting the traffic to my account. In fact, it provides stable follower growth for my account on a day-to-day basis. Thank you, Inflact team. 🙌
How to grow Instagram followers?

By getting more views on your profile, and gaining more likes and comments you please the platform’s algorithm and grow organically what promotes your posts to the Explore section. So your content gets more attention. When you’ve defined your social media marketing strategy and built a community around your brand, you need to keep your loyal customers happy. With the number of subscribers constantly speeding up, at some point, you may simply run out of human resources to cope with it. This is where the understanding of how to grow your Instagram following using an auto bot for the account that performs the same activities and acts human-like may come in handy.

How to Grow Your Account With Insta Bot Tool?

The first thing to start with if you want to learn how to get more Ig followers using auto bot for the account is to opt for an automatic likes feature. It is an effective strategy to delight your target audience by recognizing that their content is worthy. The same can be said about using an IG auto view bot that will watch your contacts’ stories. Being concerned with your IG follower count is absolutely normal. Though, you should differentiate between authentic followers and fake ones who flood user accounts as part of somebody’s doubtful mass follow strategy on Instagram. Inflact’s IG bot checker can easily do the Instagram followers audit task for you.

What are Ig bots?

Instagram bots are a piece of code that provides additional features the platform lacks or automates your activities in-app. You can apply them to tackle a particular task or go for a tool that offers a full stack of services. What concerns the Bot from Inflact, it is an AI-based software with a human-like behavior that manages routine operations on your account. It can be set for liking, watching stories, sending DMs, and more, so you increase the visibility of your account and score higher in the ig feed.

How to Unfollow on Instagram Fast?

Cleaning up your feed in a few clicks is possible for tools that provide the following service on how to remove multiple followers on Instagram. As the platform offers no features to do a mass unfollow, applying smart automation is the only option to delete in bulk. You can try our advanced AI-based bot as a good solution how to remove all followers on Instagram accounts.

Can Instagram Follower Bot Automate Business Account?

Instagram followers bot can be used to manage any type of account, and business accounts are no exception. Just sign up to get access to Inflact’s tool, authorize your business account and start using the bot. Use the whole suite of useful functions such as automated story viewing, Ig auto like, and the follower tracker option that will help you automatically unfollow those who don’t follow you

How soon will I see the results?

We do not guarantee any results on the next day; promotion takes time and the result depends on the attractiveness of your posts. According to our tests, it’s possible to get 250 new relevant followers in the first month. But your result might be better. Promotion will get faster after the Safe Start, which is designed to ensure the safety of your account. Related articles: How many followers do you get monthly with the Inflact promotion tool? (Spoiler: 200 relevant followers on Instagram with 5-minute set-up) Get Instagram followers fast with a bot - is it real in 2020?

What is the Safe Start?

We invented the Safe Start for all accounts starting the Promo mode to ensure extra safety. Thanks to the Safe Start, our tool will just visit profiles you listed as a target and watch their stories – it will not perform many actions for 48 hours. During the next 7 days, our tool will increase the number of actions from your account gradually. Thanks to Safe Start, the activity of your profile looks human-like.

Why do I need a VPN for promotion?

When you use the VPN by Inflact, you log in to your Instagram account with the same IP. This means that IG recognizes actions made by the software that are performed by you. The VPN will help you bypass switching to the Safe mode so that you grow your audience more effectively. Related article: How to grow Instagram followers securely and faster (the role of a VPN for promotion explained)

What is the difference between your VPN and any other service?

We recommend that you use the Inflact VPN. In this case, the address when the software logs in and when you log in will be identical. If you use a third-party VPN, we can’t guarantee it will work optimally for safety promotion.

Can Instagram Follower Bot Automate Business Account?

Instagram followers bot can be used to manage any type of account, and business accounts are no exception. Just sign up to get access to Inflact’s tool, authorize your business account and start using the bot. Use the whole suite of useful functions such as automated story viewing, Ig auto like, and the follower tracker option that will help you automatically unfollow those who don’t follow you.