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Instagrammer wissen es zu schätzen, wenn andere Nutzer ihre Inhalte wertschätzen. Gefällt mir-Beiträge werden automatisch geliked und Sie können davon ausgehen, dass Ihre Beiträge ebenfalls geliked werden.
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Wenn Sie mehr Aufrufe Ihres Profils, mehr Likes und Kommentare erhalten, werden Sie dem Algorithmus gefallen. Durch organisches Wachstum werden Ihre Beiträge in den Bereich "Entdecken" befördert.
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Präzises Filtern ist ein Schlüssel zum Verkaufserfolg. Geben Sie Hashtags, Standorte und Nutzernamen in den intelligenten Roboter ein - er interagiert nur mit potenziellen Followern.
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Der Roboter ist aktiv, damit Ihr Engagement in der Community echt ist. Indem er in Ihrem Namen folgt und nicht folgt, baut er Ihren Ruf auf.
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Die Nutzer sind begeistert von jedem Fremden, der ihre Beiträge anschaut. Können Sie sich vorstellen, wie viele Profilansichten Sie durch die Beobachtung ihrer Updates erhalten?
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Stützt sich an 560 Reviews
Sept. 28, 2021
I gained my first clients
I run a little business, selling handmade goods (jewelry, scrapbooks, etc.). Inflact was my first choice when I set my sights on some complimentary tools. For 3 months, we managed to get good results (as me). However, I must admit that auto direct works even better than auto-promo. Plus, the hashtag generator came in useful.
Sept. 28, 2021
I can see the difference
I truly see the potential of this service, while others lag behind Insta updates. Though the promo is quite slow, it still works. But I fell in love with Insta Direct — so convenient for my managers to keep in touch with all our customers. And thanks to Iolanta from the Support team, who resolved my payment issue almost immediately.
Sept. 27, 2021
Got traffic to Instagram account
Recently, I’ve appreciated the benefits of the Hashtag Generator. I don’t know how I could live without it before. It’s a real helper in the field of trending and working hashtags. The service picks up lots of variants from which I choose the best for my posts. I can customize the required settings and search for hashtags under the central theme of the photo or using the marked words. Everything is clear and convenient!
Sept. 22, 2021
Works not just for likes
When you are a business owner, your main goal is sales-driving content. Regarding that Instagram is hiding likes, I won't use the mass-liking feature. But I adore the in-built Direct module. This tool is a must-have when your direct is busy; you need to set up mass-messaging and reach your client. Certainly – it’s a like!
Sept. 21, 2021
Fast and convenient Direct chat
Thanks a lot for the convenient Direct possibilities! Using Inflact, I can chat with my friends and clients directly from my PC and switch from personal to work accounts. It’s handy. Above all, my fav is Direct Chat. Its possibilities save my time and effort. Finally, I’ve found the best tool for stable work on Instagram!
Sept. 18, 2021
I’m a nicer person when I use Inflact
I’ve used this smart and budget-friendly Instagram bot for 3 months. I’m an SMM-specialist running several accounts on Instagram. With the help of Inflact, I can add several accs and manage all of them from one place. This is an excellent feature for crazy marketers like me! Moreover, there is a full set of extra features such as Auto-messenger, Auto-planner, and the Hashtag finder, which can help to organize all business processes.
Sept. 18, 2021
I need that Hashtag creator
It seems a no brainer to type random hashtags when creating a capture under your pics. But this strategy won't work if you are an influencer growing your fanbase. I've been using the Inflact Hashtag search for 3 months, and the post impressions have increased by 56%. Still, a lot of work to be done but I'm more than satisfied! Advice – read their blog to investigate real case tips.
Sept. 15, 2021
My new Instagram Promotion Bestie
Instagram promotion crisis? Not with the Inflact Hashtag Generator! Multi-language search, 5 key-phrases, AI-based finder is an excellent combo for boosting the traffic to my account. In fact, it provides stable follower growth for my account on a day-to-day basis. Thank you, Inflact team. 🙌
Sept. 08, 2021
The most responsive support & real results
This service is not the cheapest one but it’s effective. I'm a social media manager, and I run three business profiles on Instagram. Believe it or not, but I struggled with many bots, Hashtag finder, and other similar stuff. All of them break down regularly. But I only trust the Inflact support team. I will continue my subscription.